Sleeping in a power station – The Turbine Boutique Hotel and Spa.

I was spoilt rotten for my last birthday and whisked off to Knysna on a surprise weekend away. I’d last been to Knysna on a family vacation at primary school 15 + yrs ago, so the details were rather sketchy and I couldn’t wait to get back.

All the details of the trip were a complete surprise to me, as was the hotel I found us checking into – Knysna’s very new The Turbine Hotel & Spa – a unique 5 star boutique hotel which was once the area’s old power station.






The original machinery which was used in this power station has been lovingly restored and forms an integral part of the hotels aesthetics. The hotel has a mere 24 rooms (or suites as they prefer to call them) and this probably is the reason they’re able to give each guest their absolute undivided attention…


  • The location of the hotel is Thesen Islands – a harbour town, one of the most prestigious locations along the garden route where everything you need is in walking distance and super safe.
  • The honeymoon suite we were in – bigger than my last 2 bed room apartment. We had a standalone bath, double shower, his and hers basin and a private balcony overlooking the harbour. Let’s just say there was enough space to a series of back flips. And the room was so gorgeous I really wanted to.
  • The attention to detail was impressive – I especially loved the luxurious bathroom amenities and the divine bedding but that all made sense when we discovered that the hotel was run & owned by the owners of the Loads of Living chain – I was in heaven!


  • The food! The breakfast is ala carte – a refreshing change and it certainly didn’t offer any less choices than you’d get at a buffet. There’s something quite decadent about not having to queue for your food!






  • The staff were genuinely warm, attentive and efficient without being overbearing. On one day the concierge happily made several calls to get me a hair dresser appointment on a public holiday – not an easy feat at all but she succeeded!


  • The only thing I didn’t like was the spa, it was the Amani brand of Spa’s and looked gorgeous inside (I had to peak!) and perhaps my perception would have changed had I actually tried it, but I’ve found African themed spa’s to generally not be to my taste.

We did all the touristy things like taking a sunset cruise out to the Knysna heads and a drive out to Plett. Not to be missed is the infamous Il de Pain bakery walking distance from the hotel. I also stumbled across a gorgeous leather store in town, Der Lederhändler (we all have our addictions ok!). This weekend was just the reminder that I need a reminder that there’s a slower, calmer world outside of Jozi…

If I ran the place

  • I would take early retirement and move into the honeymoon suite.

Need to know

  • Though this wasn’t an issue for us, you may like to know that since we were in Knysna mid January, this right after peak season and quite a few of the businesses in the area were closed and away on their vacation.

Knysna remains a beautiful part of the country and this trip brought back so many memories of our family trip. I’ll certainly make my next trip to Knysna a lot sooner than this one.


The Turbine Hotel & Spa TH 36 Sawtooth Lane, Thesen Islands,

6570, Knysna, South Africa

+27 44 302 5746


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