Winter’s here & I say bring it! (part 2)

Surely one of the upsides of Winter (maybe the only upside?) has got to be the fashion.

Once I’m done moaning about how cold it is I quickly forget about my complaints once I’ve had a sneak at my Winter wardrobe – which as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve just unpacked.

I’ve already chatted about how much I love boots and scarves, but there’s more…


Like boots, I also see these as investment items. I’m not sure how many Winter coats & jackets I have, but I’d guess 10-15. This is a more recent purchase from Asos. This year I need to add a classic camel trench (back in) to my collection – I recently donated mine, it had seen better days. I send my entire collection of coats for dry cleaning at the end of Spring and then pack them away for the next year.





Gloves are a classic, much like hats – it just feels super feminine to wear. Also, not all gloves are practical, say for example for driving – you’d need to stick to leather gloves which are usually quite snug. Another worry for me lately about gloves is that my wedding band and engagement ring would go flying as I pulled the glove off.






I  love these chuncky ones I got from Woolies last year – in fact I loved them so much I got them in 3 colours (old habits die hard!). I will be needing these especially now to keep my fro warm. Ladies, there is no excuse for a bad hair day!


Stockings and tights are not to be confused. I cringe when I (all too often) see a woman walking around a mall in what she thinks are leggings but are actually sheer tights (hose). There are all kinds and colours of stockings around – no need to stick to boring bare beige anymore. I particularly like black tiny fishnets for the office.

If you do wear bare beige, make sure that it does look like bare beige on you i.e. its looks like your natural leg/skin colour otherwise it just looks odd, like you have some kind of skin disease. Don’t underestimate the warmth that even the thinnest stockings will give off – every bit helps!

So there you have it, boots, scarves, coats, gloves, stockings and berets – the best part about Winter for me.

What have I left off the list? Keep warm!




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