Winter’s here & I say bring it! (part 1)

I just unpacked my Winter wardrobe & it was a work-in-progress for a few weeks but everything is finally in its place in my walk-in dream.

While I wasn’t looking forward to it, I’m glad it’s finally done and actually quite liked the process once I got into it. It reminded me of how much stuff I really have and how much I really still love the things I have  – it really got me excited about Winter.


This is something I have built up over the last 6 + years. Every pair was an investment and leather of course. I hate to admit, some are yet to be worn. I clean each pair with a special leather cleaner after each wear to keep them in good nick. This year I’ve decided to add a pair of classic riding boots to my collection – hopefully in a gorgeous tan colour. Roll on Winter sales!

Boots Tip:

I hated the look of all my (longer length) boots flopping over each other and recently consulted my tailor for advice. He suggested I buy firm A4 cardboard and insert each sheet into the length of each boot to keep them upright and looking good. So simple and cheap, why didn’t I think of that?! He also told me it’s actually bad for boots to “flop over” as the leather will eventually tear in the spot where that bend is. So if you can’t keep yours upright like in the pic above, rather keep them horizontal and packed away in their box and dust bag (this is what I used to do before).


Scarves are no doubt the easiest way to accessorize any Winter look. I have an endless collection of these in all sorts of colours, sizes and fabrics. I don’t think scarves are a Winter only item. Lighter scarves can be a good transitional look in Spring and Autumn too.

Back when I still wore my hair relaxed I loved the practicality of wearing a scarf because I could easily pull it over my hair and still look chic at the sight of the lightest drizzle. Scarves can also be quite unisex – I’m guilty of swiping my husband’s scarves from time to time!

This snood (thats scarf and hood in 1 = snood) I bought on sale 2 Winters back – and is still a firm favourite – keeps me super toasty, in fact feels like I’m wearing a blanket on my neck.

And if you’re still looking for a system to organise your scarves consider the one pictured above. I used to fold and pack mine but I found this took up too much space as my collection grew. This system is very affordable & consists on 1 horizontal hanger (that goes onto your cupboard rail) and then has several “eyes” where you hook in multiple hangers. Each hanger is then filled with a collection of scarves or in my case, each hanger is dedicated to scarves that are different shades of 1 colour…..

One thing I do love about Winter is that it is rather forgiving of those extra few kg’s thats the result of all that hot chocolate and other indulgences that help keep us warm – no objections here!

Part 2 will touch on my love of gloves, coats and stockings as the balance of my Winter staples – what are yours?

Keep warm!







Nine West



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