The Beverly Hills Hotel. Now here’s a lady with style.

For three nights and four days, and I got to see how the other half lives.

And it was more decadent than I’d imagined. Yes, I’d spent some good time imagining.

A staffer here mentioned in passing when we checked in that their ultimate their goal is to make guests feel like a celebrity – I soon learned he wasn’t joking.

To state the obvious, you can’t ask for a better setting. Set in Umhlanga Rocks, this is the view I woke up to everyday.

Now catch your breath back….


This is an establishment that understands that, ultimately, service is the only differentiator. The attention to detail is astounding.  The rooms are tastefully furnished & every room has a Nespresso – kettles are *so* 1990’s. Did I mention the walk in shower? But the crème da la crème has got to be the private balcony – we spent hours out there, laughing, reading, tanning. It was sublime…


Everything here oozes luxury and you can feel the quality at every turn. Staff are plenty – and more than just warm and courteous – they’re polished and discerning – constantly checking in to see if there’s anything you need, scratch that, anything you want whilst not being over-bearing. It is a fine line…


I was proudly told by one staff member that The Beverly Hills is the first hotel that Southern Sun (currently undergoing rebranding to Tsogo Sun) opened in SA and was Durban’s 1st 5 star hotel. And the staff here take their jobs seriously & are making damn sure they’re taking good care of the mother ship.


  • Service is the number 1, 2, & 3 priority and you feel it with every interaction you have with every staff member – from the waiters to the hotel manager, who, by the way, wasn’t sitting in an office somewhere but made a point of personally interacting with guests every day. We hadn’t checked out for 24 hrs yet and I woke up the next morning to find a customer survey in my inbox. Once I’d completed it, just a few hours later I got a call to ask me to elaborate on one of the comments on the survey and to thank me for my feedback. Yip, these guys mean business.
  • All the meat is halaal-sourced – the chef came out to assure us personally when we enquired from a waiter. They’re not halaal certified though obviously.
  • Have I mentioned the attention to detail? Little things count – the bagged newspaper, high-end magazines in the rooms, live entertainment in the hotel lounge, even just the simple gesture of a waiter offering to carry my plate back to my table as I left the breakfast buffet. If you can think it, they will do it.


  • The food is of the highest quality and plentiful. Breakfast left us so satisfied that we were set till dinner every day.
  • You may know I’m married to a coffee snob – no matter how fancy the hotel, we usually skip the coffee. But their cappuccinos did not disappoint.
  • The bathroom amenities are all Charlotte Rhys – great that they’re keeping it proudly South African.
  • There we minimal children about – sorry, but parents who can’t keep their kids under control have the potential to ruin vacations.


  • Our room was on the small side – but probably only because it was an entry level room in the hotel (we booked through Vitality).
  • Plug points – there were none at either bedside, leaving us at a bit of a loss as to where to charge our toothbrushes, tablets, laptops and cell phones – first world problems, I know.

We usually stay at Southern Sun North Beach or Elangeni on our trips to Durban. It will be *impossible* to head back and not stay at The Beverly Hills Hotel now that we know exactly what we’re missing out on!

This review wouldn’t be complete without making special mention of two staffers who took it upon themselves to  take exceptional care of us – Terrence, a waiter and Claude, a manager, were absolutely superb, thank you!

If I ran the place                   

  • I would move in.

Need to know

  • The spa is under renovation but in true Beverly Hills style, we were offered a masseuse in our room or they were happy to shuttle us to one of the sister hotels to use the spa there.
  • Oh if you’re on Vitality, you can stay at The Beverly Hills (and selected other Tsogo Sun hotels) at a whopping up to 65% off. Yes really….

If like so many of us, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to get good service, great service that’s effortless and with a smile and sense of authenticity  – go and remind yourself of what you’re due every day. Don’t think about it. If Durban’s your destination, there is nowhere else you’d possibly want to stay.

This was absolutely decadent – definitely in my top 3 hotel experiences in SA. I cannot wait to be back & here’s hoping it’s soon!


The Beverly Hills Hotel

45 Lighthouse Road, Umhlanga, Durban

Tel: +27 31 561 2211


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6 Responses to The Beverly Hills Hotel. Now here’s a lady with style.

  1. Jassy says:

    Love your post… this hotel is a must next time I’m in that part of the world!

  2. Ilhaam says:

    I approve! Looks fabulous.

  3. Tendayi says:

    We are on Vitality!! Now I need to know how much it would cost us. I’m sold!!

    • Hey Tendayi, if you log onto the Discovery site, go to Vitality -> rewards-> travel rewards, the page will load showing your applicable current Vitality saving and status. It may be worthwhile getting your Vitality status up tho 🙂 Also, we have our cars insured on Vitalty drive, thats how we received the max discount of 65%. You will definitely love this hotel – let me know if you do go! W

  4. makhosazane says:

    I have been dreaming of staying at this hotel since my varsity days when I used to work at Gateway, you’ve just made me want to go even more!

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