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MacBook perfume. I reckon this far is too far….

Undoubtedly, the iWorld beckons. This story caught my eye this week on the Flux Trends newsletter. By the end of it I found myself literally *smdh*. ——- Smell – MacBook perfume A team of Australian artists has collaborated with Air Aroma to … Continue reading

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Sometimes you need a miss to appreciate the hits.

I have a simple rule for going on holiday. Where ever I lay my head down needs to be at least as comfortable as my own home. I had really high hopes for Fordoun and while I had a good … Continue reading

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OCD for life and proud

Being OCD is an exhausting pastime. In reality it’s more like my 2nd job.  Because I’m trying hard to not let it become my full-time job. I can’t say for sure where this comes from – I don’t see my … Continue reading

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Meat free Monday? Not for me, ta…

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Slipper pumps – I’m not sold – are you?

I saw these slipper pumps in-store over the weekend. These particular ones were at Spitz, but I’ve seen them at other stores too – Woolies and Country Road in particular. I can’t decide if I like them, but that usually means … Continue reading

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The Beverly Hills Hotel. Now here’s a lady with style.

For three nights and four days, and I got to see how the other half lives. And it was more decadent than I’d imagined. Yes, I’d spent some good time imagining. A staffer here mentioned in passing when we checked … Continue reading

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