Wiscellaneous has moved!

As of yesterday, Wiscellaneous has a new home!


It was time for an upgrade & I’m so excited for you to see the new look, hope you like!

Most importantly with the blog’s 1 year anniversary just around the corner, I owe you a huge thank you for reading & keeping in touch. Every comment, tweet & email puts a smile on my face – seriously!

So please be sure to join me on the new & improved Wiscellaneous over here as this blog will be inactive permanently. And don’t forget to subscribe (I’d hate to lose you), like the Facebook page, & follow me on Twitter – I’ve got some new posts up already 🙂

See you there!



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Kids Closet R1000 voucher winner

The draw is done & winner is in…… Claire Soobramoney has won a R1000 voucher in the Kids Closet competition. Claire will be able to choose from brands like Replay, Birkenstock, Diesel, Puma, Polo, Feiyue & more to kit out her little cuties!

IMG_1316Claire is a stay at home mommy living in Amanzimtoti. She has a 18 month old little girl  Sophie-Lynn & a 4 month old little boy Kieran Christopher. She says this voucher comes in handy as they’ve had to sacrifice along the way with just one income (not that they minded!).

Huge congrats Claire, enjoy it!


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How I’m using my shea butter

I realise this post is insanely overdue but forgive me. I won’t even attempt an excuse!

I’ve been meaning to write for a while now about the different ways I have been using my home-made whipped shea butter. I’m still pretty over the moon at having found shea butter in SA at all! For more on where I got it & how & what I mixed it up with, be sure to check out the original post over here.

So I didn’t expect it to be as versatile as it turned out & it’s going a really long way. I bought the 1kg tub (for +- R146) & for my 1st batch I mixed up just half of it (which I’m still using) & saved the other half. From the 1st batch that I made, I gifted some (loads of rave reviews there too), & I will definitely have enough from my current whipped batch to see me through well into March.

IMG_20121011_091235The final whipped shea butter product – good enough to eat!

In terms of how I practically use the shea butter, I tend to mix things up, depending on how my hair feels on a particular day. I have worked shea butter into my regime in the following ways (obviously I’m not doing all of this on the same day!):

1. Daily moisturizer

  • I melt a teaspoon or so in my hand (it melts in seconds with my body heat) & then apply lightly to my fro (on dry hair & scalp).
  • I’d do this mornings & or evenings & make sure I decant some & take it along with me if I’m travelling or at gym.
  • I would use my whipped shea butter when doing the LOC method (as the oil) – I don’t do this as often as I should…

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Cape Town – you again?

It’s not that I’m late with this holiday post. It’s just that I’ve been hanging onto the memory of these sun-soaked days for as long as I possibly could in my head. I knew that writing the details this post would just make the longing worse.

A couple of last-minute days in Cape Town turned to two weeks. It wasn’t a choice but let me not pretend that it was all bad…

photoCar trouble. Yes really.

Stuck. Some 300kms outside of Cape Town between God-alone-knows-where & some dorpie whose name I still can’t remember. We waited 5 hours for help. 5 long hours that was only made better by the fact that we were stuck in a really pretty spot. And Twitter.


As soon as we got to Cape Town it was all forgotten.

We usually stay in the city, but this time we opted for the beach…


One of the things I miss most about living in Cape Town is Sunday afternoon drives. We spotted this beauty parked rather randomly.

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Trying something different this weekend – Russell Hobb’s life:style club

Valentines day without the boys – perfect!

Truth be told all I needed to hear was chocolate & the mention of the swanky venue that is the Fairlawns Boutique Hotel.

Should be a goodie!

Russell Hobbs Lifestyle Club  Valentines Day invite


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My go-to dress style

I’m a sucker for maxi dresses, always have been. I have quite a collection of them already so I like to keep them different & interesting. I think it’s honestly because they’re quite forgiving & I just love the feeling of the dress moving with me as a I walk.

The perfect maxi dress for me is cinched at the waist (not at the bust), long to the floor (I’m 1.78m this can be a challenge!), has interesting detail(s) & is made of fabric thats divine to touch.

I  mentioned before that I’ve been off shopping for a while so when I was strolling down Long Street in Cape Town recently, I really wasn’t looking to buy anything when I came across a boutique little store Mungo & Jemima & saw this little gem calling my name….


Taupe stretch maxi dress with elastic waist R470. Source

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TRESemmé Naturals – review

A year on & I think I’m kinda finding my groove on this natural hair thing. One of the products that’s become part of my regime is the TRESemmé naturals nourishing conditioner (750ml) for dry/damaged hair. I saw it coming up from time to time as being recommended for natural hair online & on other blogs  so I thought I’d give it a go.


I use this products in a number of ways:

  1. I mostly use it to co wash every 2-3 days or so. I try to leave it on (in the shower) for as long as I can, up to 15 minutes.
  2. I also decant some & take it along with me when I travel or to gym.
  3. sometimes I will leave it in overnight & then do a cold rinse in the morning (can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to that in Winter!)
  4. by chance one day I totally forgot to rinse it off before I stepped out of the shower & that’s when I realised it actually makes a great leave-in conditioner too as it’s quite light & didn’t leave a residue.

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Shimmy Beach Club – Cape Town at her very, very best…

Shimmy Beach Club‘s website opening line reads:

“Whether you arrive by car, helicopter or boat, it will soon become apparent why Shimmy Beach Club is Cape Town’s newest, premier ocean-front dining & lifestyle destination”

And so you’ll understand why this venue was high up on my endless to-do list for our holiday in Cape Town before we even arrived. I’d been hearing more & more about them especially on Twitter.  It sounded soooo much like Suada Club, a floating private beach island we visited in Istanbul (honestly one of the best days of that vacation) & so we cleared the better part of a day & got ready to Shimmy….

IMG_20130119_125729View from our couch. I didn’t move for quite a few hours…

From their website, Facebook & all the tweets I tried to decipher exactly where on the Waterfront they were & didn’t quite get it. When you enter the Waterfront through the main entrance (passing the Caltex) don’t take the 1st left at the circle to go the mall but the next one kind of heading towards the industrial & not so pretty side of the harbour (who knew this existed). And just so you don’t face the same confusion we did, unless you own a Ferrari or equivalent, don’t expect to be allowed to park on the premises (that’s Cape Town for you!).

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Masala Dosa – brace your taste buds…

Strolling down Long Street in Cape Town while on holiday recently we found ourselves outside Masala Dosa suddenly remembering it’d been on our to-do list (but forgotten) for some time. Of course being there & then right that second was a sign from a higher power. I didn’t think we should argue so we settled into an impromptu lunch of some pretty amazing south Indian cuisine.


We were pulled in immediately by the quirky decor. To say there’s loads to look at is a gross understatement.

The story goes that Israeli born owner Amit Raz found his calling in being a restaurateur & opened the Masala Dosa in 2006 after trying his hand at teaching & even a stint of belly dancing. His training is what makes this tale completely unorthodox – he credits his grandmother & his travels to India that endeared its culture & cuisine.


The menus were displayed outside on the shop window (great idea) & I was already fully intrigued but when I saw “all main meals under R90” I was totally won over.

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Paul’s homemade ice cream – truly the crème de la crème

All ice cream is not created equal. It’s really that simple.

Let me start by saying that I can’t believe that I’m writing a post about ice cream. But the world needs to know… Somehow & somewhere along the line (Twitter me thinks) I came across The Ice Cream King as he calls himself, Paul Ballen.


Paul has a relentless passion for ice cream that’s a long time coming. And I mean the good old stuff made by hand from wholesome, top-notch ingredients in his kitchen at home. I don’t consider myself an ice cream fanatic of any sort but summer or winter who doesn’t enjoy a good bowl? Ice cream definitely makes me think lots about my childhood in Cape Town. Those were the days of Hi Boys, Choc-o-lina’s & if you really had money a Sweetheart at R2.85!

While I’m not an ice cream snob, I am married to one & to this day I never partake of his habit, especially at R20+ a scoop the stuff in malls has just never seemed worth it to me. So you’ll understand that it was with a fair pinch of skepticism (what could be so special?) I decided to try Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream & ordered a couple of tubs (ok, ok, I ordered 10!) – delivered directly to our door by the The Ice Cream King himself. Continue reading

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